I play because (2015)

I play because is a piece for 10 cellos and voice.  It was devised in collaboration with 9 of Majas cello students and the work blends new compositions and improvisation with a text drawn from interviews with the students.  The work has its foundation in simple but important questions connected to how and why these individuals play.  The result is a celebratory work that explores and gently exposes some of the different reasons why a group of people in different stages of their life might learn to play an instrument.  In doing so, I Play Because reveals some of the importance (and impact) of this practice upon each of their lives.
The piece was commissioned by Lancaster Feminist festival, ‘Hear Me Roar’, 2016.

“The way this piece portrayed the ‘voices’ of each player (musical and actual), now giving them each their own moment and space, now weaving them together, sometimes in harmony, sometimes as dissonance, was at once complex and intricate and joyful and touching.”
Professor Geraldine Harris, Lancaster University