In 2016 and 2017 Maja is touring with Jazz North as a solo cellist. These concerts are blending her own original compositions with improvisations. She explores stillness and repetition, harmony and dissonance and is particularly interested in playing with the dialogue between the cello and the natural sounds and noises of the spaces she is […]

‘Endurómur – Etterklang’ is site specific concerts performed in unusual locations. The project is a result of a 13 year collaboration between Maja Bugge and the Icelandic guitarist Svanur Vilbergsson. Maja is writing music specially for these locations and she explores how music can echo the life, sounds and stories of these sites.  

I play because is a piece for 10 cellos and voice.  It was devised in collaboration with 9 of Majas cello students and the work blends new compositions and improvisation with a text drawn from interviews with the students.  The work has its foundation in simple but important questions connected to how and why these […]

“****ing northern” was a full-length performance composed by Maja Bugge in close collaboration with the musicians in the MiN ensemble. It used poems by the Norwegian poet Harald Sverdrup and was a collaboration between the MiN ensemble, Nordland theatre and Maja Bugge.

Usynlig was made in collaboration with Katrine Strøm and was a site spesific sound walk for childen made in Tromsø library (Norway) in 2009. Equipped with headphones, the piece took the audience on a visual and aural adventure amongst the bookshelves, using text, sound effect, music and visual theatre. USYNLIG won the Cultural Rucksack Norway’s […]

The Hotel room Harstad was a site specific sound installation commissioned by the Arctic Arts festival of North Norway in 2006. It was an electro acoustic composition made for one audience member at a time.

NING are a Norwegian contemporary music ensemble exploring the physical, theatrical and visual aspects of musical performance and the creating role of the musician in interdisciplinary work. The ensemble has worked professionally since 1997, devising shows in collaboration with composers, actors, choreographers and directors and have toured extensively in Scandinavia. (Maja Bugge was a core […]