Marsden Moor #4 | Maja Bugge & Sarah Nicolls | Chronotope for Marsden Jazz Festival


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“All my work is about an attempt for dialogue; a dialogue between the cello and a site, a text, an image, a movement, a space. All my work as a composer and performer is concerned with this dialogue.”

Maja Bugge is a Norwegian cellist, composer and cello teacher based in Lancaster, UK. Since 1998 she has created a large body of work both as a solo artist and in collaboration with others. Her works has been commissioned by Manchester Jazz festival, Lancaster Arts, Full of Noises, the National Theatre Oslo and Jazz North.

She has a particular interest in devising work with and for children and young people, and has won several prizes and scholarships, including MJF Hothouse (2018), Jazz Norths Northern Line (2016) and The Cultural Rucksack Norway’s best performance for Usynlig (2010).


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