Ballad of a Changing World  is a film commissioned by Cheltenham Music Festival and Arctic Arts in 2021. It is a collaboration between Maja and pianist Sarah Nicolls, performing on her unique inside-out piano, issue a digital yet immersive wake-up call on the urgency of the climate crisis. Ballad for a changing world combines emotionally-charged music with learning about kittiwakes […]

Cinclus Cinclus is the Latin name of the Norwegian national bird. It is also is the name of a UK/Norway jazz project for children which explores how improvisation can encourage a young audience to be simultaneously co musicians and listeners. The result is a highly improvised performance of riffs, grooves and tunes coming from the […]

NORTHERN is a new jazz project led by the internationally acclaimed composer and cellist Maja Bugge in collaboration with film maker Adam York Gregory and field recordist Hervé Perez. The artists are presenting the places that we love and know through a musical and visual encounter with our everyday. Playfully and with sense of humor Bugge […]

DEEP CABARET is a 6 piece band. Ben McCabe plays drums, Matt Robinson bass and other clarinets, Paul Sherwood hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes, Maja Bugge  cello & Jayson Stilwell overtoning & percussion. Steve Lewis guitar & vocals. Think desert blues improv with voices, hurdies, cello, pipes and reeds. Sparkling jazz, rooted fol, torching vocals and guitar played as only a drummer could.