Cinclus Cinclus

Cinclus Cinclus is the Latin name of the Norwegian national bird. It is also is the name of a UK/Norway jazz project for children which explores how improvisation can encourage a young audience to be simultaneously co musicians and listeners.

The result is a highly improvised performance of riffs, grooves and tunes coming from the most unexpected places, a child’s breathe, a chair being moved, a stick being broken. Sometimes chaotic? Yes. Sometimes filled with a floor full of dancing children? Yes. Sometimes so quiet that you can hear a pin drop? Yes.

Cinclus cinclus was produced by Vest Norsk Jazz centre and premiered at the renown jazzfestival Vossa jazz in Norway in 2018. It received outstanding reviews.

Funded by the Arts Council England and hosted by More Music in Morecambe the project will tour in the UK in autumn 2019.

Jazz improvisation for children

 Cinclus Cinclus is one of the most interactive childrens concerts I have ever seen.

Maja Skarding, Ballade Norway, 4thof April 2018

Line up:

Matt Robinson-clarinet

Maja Bugge-cello

Terje Isungset-percussion

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