Live cello and gentle yoga flow Lancaster
Lancaster, LA1 1NZ
07881 602589

Yoga Dragon is delighted to bring to you this unique collaboration with Lancaster based cellist & composer Maja Bugge.

Maja is a Norwegian cellist who creates deeply moving and meditative pieces of music and is renowned for her creative talent and sensitivity as both a cellist and composer.

For this special event Maja will create a beautiful soundscape of live cello in which you are invited to engage in either a guided gentle flow of movement or simply to lay back, relax and absorb the sounds and vibrations around you.

Our aim is for you to feel completely relaxed and to enjoy the uniqueness of a lay-down concert ,or the freedom to gently move and flow with the sounds.

There are limited places for this event, so please book now to secure your space.

Maja Bugge and Ben McCabe with the Nest Collective
London Rowington Cl, London W2 5TF
London W2 5TF

Maja Bugge (cello) and Ben McCabe (drums) will be playing tunes by Maja written in the past 10 years. It will focus on tunes written in response to extraordinary citys and places and we will take the audience on a journey from Lancaster and Barrow to rural fishing villages in the arctic. The gig will be part of the Nest Collectives Magpie´s Nest festival and will feature a range of other musicians presenting new work. For more info see: